Ford is changing and evolving as a company. Their 2019 model year is expected to be their best ever. The Ford truck line continues to be the envy of any company, as their sales continue to exceed expectations.

You don’t become the best selling vehicle in America without making a great vehicle.

While Ford’s future plans for the company may be very different, their upcoming product line is something fantastic. Read on to check out the new versions of your favorite Ford vehicles. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

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Ford Explorer

Specifications: $33,135+ - 16-22 mpg - 365 hp

Review: The Ford Explorer was one of the original sport utility vehicles to take the stage. Ranging from a base model to the V-6 Sport model, the Explorer comes in many different trims to suit anyone. Despite the modest size, the Explorer has plenty of room for the whole family.

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Ford F-150

Specifications: $29,200+ - 20-26 mpg - 395 hp

Review: The best selling vehicle in America rumbles on for another year in 2019. Ford continues to refine the F-150. For a relatively low price, it offers an incredibly versatile vehicle for work or play. The F150 also has the special “Raptor” edition. It’s elevated and given more power. The Raptor is one of the most powerful and versatile trucks in the world. It’s fantastic for going off road and can tackle the toughest terrain.

Ford F-250

Specifications: $34,645+ - mpg N/A - 450 hp

Review: When the F-150 isn’t quite enough truck to get the job done, it’s time to move up to the F-250. It’s one of the best trucks available for work purposes and features a lot of different trims. Both gasoline and diesel engines are available. The base model is fine, but it does feature a bevy of optional extras to make it as luxurious as desired.

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Ford Ranger

Specifications: $25,095+ - mpg N/A - 280 hp

Review: The Ford Ranger finally makes its triumphant return to the market. After 8 years away from the public, the clamor for it to return got through to Ford. The Ranger will occupy its slot in the compact pickup truck world and likely have a great following. In addition, Ford is going to offer a Raptor model full of power and luxury.

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Ford Edge

Specifications: $30,990+ - 21-28 mpg - 335hp

Review: The Ford Edge started as a pretty basic crossover and has continued to grow. The sport model now features a beefy 335 horsepower engine. On the other end of the spectrum, Ford has placed ecoboost engines in the other 2019 models and has increased their fuel economy over the previous year.

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Ford Mustang

Specifications: $26,675+ - 20-26 mpg - 310 hp

Review: While the base Mustang comes with a modern 310 horsepower turbocharged 4 cylinder, the Mustang hasn’t lost its legs. The option 460 horsepower V8 shows off the Mustang as the traditional muscle car it is! If you like special editions, the Mustang is the way to go. There’s a Steve McQueen special edition, and the Shelby GT versions just waiting to be launched of the line.

Ford Fusion

Specifications: $23,110+ - 21-42 mpg - 325 hp

Review: The Fusion is one of the best family vehicles on the market today. It has an engine for everyone ranging from a couple of feisty little turbocharged 4 cylinders up to the turbo V-6 in the sport version. The fusion has different hybrid options which offer up to 42 mpg fuel economy.

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Ford Fiesta

Specifications: $15,080+ - 27-37 mpg - 120 hp

Review: The Fiesta is one of the best subcompact models on the market. While the fuel mileage isn’t as good as many of the other subcompacts on the market, the Fiesta offers up a lot of fun. The Fiesta ST model is especially sporty and comes with a 197 horsepower engine to pack a lot of punch for such a small package.

Ford Focus

Specifications: $18,825+ - 25-34 mpg - 160 hp

Review: The Focus comes in what seems like more models than any other Ford car. The base model is a great about town runabout. The ST and RS are sport and rally versions which turn the Focus into one of the best hot hatches in the world. The Focus even comes in an electric model that starts at around $30,000.

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Ford Taurus

Specifications $28,685+ - 18-27 mpg - 288 hp

Review: The Taurus used to be one of the best selling vehicles in America. However, it’s certainly gone through a change in the years. While Ford prides itself on innovation, the Taurus might not be getting as much. The Taurus does still come in the SHO version, showing off a 365 horsepower turbo V-6 that does turn it into a bit of a blur as it goes by.

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Ford Escape

Specifications: $24,935+ - 23-30 mpg - 245 hp

Review: The Escape is a vision into the future of car production. This small crossover pelases anyone and comes with engine options ranging from 168 horsepower up to the turbo charged 245 horsepower option. Like most Ford vehicles, it comes with excellent technological options to customize each Escape.

Ford Ecosport

Specifications: $20,900+ - 27-29 mpg - 166 hp

Review: The new Ecosport brings sub compact crossovers to the public. The EcoSport has enough ride height to make people feel comfortable, but doesn’t drive like a large sport utility. The downside is that it somehow combines moderate speed with less than great fuel economy.

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Ford Flex

Specifications: $31,280+ - 16-23 mpg - 365 hp

Review: The Flex pushes out a modern vibe with design features very similar to other cubism vehicles. The Flex features powerful motor offerings. Since they are both V-6s, they tend to lack the fuel efficiency of some other vehicles. The Flex is for modern drivers with the classic love of the road.

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Ford Expedition

Specifications: $53,085+ - 17/24 mpg - 400 hp

Review: When it comes to size, the Ford Expedition continues to dominate. The most recent model feels even larger than the past versions somehow. The price of the expedition can rise quickly. The platinum model runs over $80,000 without trying too hard. While a solid offering, it’s certainly not a vehicle for everyone.

Ford Super Duty

Specifications: $35,815+ - mpg N/A - 450 hp

Review: The Super Duty comes in both F-350 and F-450 forms depending on how big of a truck is needed. The F-350 has an immense payload of 7630 pounds. It can also tow almost anything with a maximum rating of 31,700 pounds. The F-450 takes that slightly farther and can two 32,500 pounds. It also has all of the luxury options any person could want.

New vs Used

Buying a used Ford vehicle isn’t difficult. The volume of Ford sales in the past puts them out there. If there’s one model that’s surprisingly tricky to get, it’s actually the F-150. People love their trucks and don’t really want to get rid of them. The same can often be said of Mustangs.