Volkswagen is one of the largest and most divisive vehicle companies in the world. Their recent problem with false emissions has tarnished them in a way that can’t really be measured.

That being said, since it’s out in the air, we can examine the Volkswagen product line with that in mind.

The reality is that they’ve produced some very nice and refined vehicles at great prices. The Volkswagen brand is one that provides some excellent and reliable cars. Since they have the Audi brand, they don’t need to produce luxury vehicles. However many of the vehicles in question have managed to provide more luxury than you would expect!

The Volkswagen product line continues to expand and add new vehicles like their brand new Atlas. Their goal is to meet the needs of every potential driver in the more economical segments!

Volkswagen Beetle - $20,900+

34 MPG - 7.0/10.0

The Beetle continues to surprise. It’s true that the reintroduction of the Beetle after so long was almost a bit of a novelty, but it’s turned into a pretty great little car. The Beetle has a turbocharged 4 cylinder putting out 170 horsepower. That little engine and the small wheelbase makes it really fun to ride! If you’re someone who needs to listen to tunes while cruising in your Beetle, you can get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as well.

Volkswagen CC - $35,400+

32 MPG - 7.1/10.0

Volkswagen’s CC is truly their top end full size sedan. It borrows a lot from it’s Audi cousins. The sloped styling is reminiscent and it’s well appointed and roomy inside. The CC hasn’t changed much recently, but is certainly due for some major changes in the reasonably near future. Power comes from a 200 horsepower turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. It produces a surprisingly solid 0-60 mph time of only 6.5 seconds. Not bad for a car this size and an engine that small.

Volkswagen Atlas - $27,900+

23 MPG - 8.0/10.0

The Volkswagen Atlas is a brand new crossover from Volkswagen. Your engine options are a base 235 horsepower four cylinder turbo or you can upgrade to a 276 horsepower V6. As it’s a newly designed car, it’s full of safety features and tech toys. The downside to the vehicle is it’s not particularly quick and not particularly economical at the pumps. But it’s a great looking crossover that can have three rows of seating for larger families.

Volkswagen Golf - $27,900+

35 MPG - 8.9/10.0

The Golf has been a feature for Volkswagen for a long time. The current Golf comes in many different variations. While it used to come in two doors, this year, It comes four door and an extended Golf Alltrack wagon. Each version is great though. A 170 horsepower engine is used and provides more than enough power for your Golf. That is, unless you definitely need more power. Then you turn to some of the best hot hatches to ever exist!

Volkswagen Golf GTI/R - $27,900+

34 MPG - 9.9/10.0

There’s something truly great about driving a proper hot hatchback. The Golf GTI itself is one of the originals and continues to provide us with pure road excitement. The GTI comes with 210 and 220 horsepower options. If you’re feeling like really going higher, you can move up to the Golf R. A 292 horsepower engine makes the Golf R even faster and capable of putting out a 5.2 second 0-60mph time. These are truly great cars.

Volkswagen Golf SportWagen - $27,900+

30 MPG - 8.3/10.0

The Golf is a great economy car, and that’s why it works so well as a wagon as well. The Golf SportWagen and the Golf SportWagen Alltrack prove that the Golf can do anything! The larger wagon version addresses the main issues in the Golf and allows it to provide more space for cargo. It still uses the 170 horsepower turbocharged 4 cylinder that the standard Golf uses as well.

Volkswagen Jetta - $18,800+

40 MPG - 7.1/10.0

The Jetta provides a quick handling and well priced economy car. IT’s not particularly fast regardless of whether or not you up the engine to the 170 or 210 horsepower optional engines. The other side of the Jetta is that the new modern look somehow seems very plain and dated.

Volkswagen Passat - $23,300+

28 MPG - 6.3/10.0

The Passat used to be Volkswagen’s full size sedan but has slowly morphed down into a midsize sedan. That being said, for a midsize, the Passat is quite roomy and has excellent headroom for taller people. Lots of things like bluetooth and touchscreen systems are standard instead of options. This boosted base level makes the base Passat a very attractive option.

Volkswagen Tiguan - $26,100+

27 MPG - 7.0/10.0

The Tiguan has now become the Volkswagen company SUV. That being said, it’s pretty large for a compact SUV and that naturally means there’s more space inside. You can even get a third row of seats in there, though it’s more comfortable to not do that. It’s nicely designed, but due to the increased size, isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

Volkswagen Touareg - $50,400+

23 MPG - 6.5/10.0

The Touareg fits in nicely as a large SUV. It’s been well engineered with a large amount of safety features and a rare SUV that still knows it’s allowed to be good in off road situations. The Touareg has 280 horsepower coming from a 3.6 liter V6. The Touareg is a much higher priced option than its competitors however.

Volkswagen e-Golf - $29,900+

126 MPGe - 8.4/10.0

If the Golf is good, then why not merely convert it into a capable electric vehicle! The electric motor puts out 134 horsepower and has a very solid 125 miles of range. It also boasts an onboard charger. Unlike a lot of electric vehicles, the e-Golf has managed to package the batteries in a fairly unique way. This means that passenger space is not nearly as bad as in other electric vehicles.