Toyota goes into the 2019 model year with optimism and an eye for the future. Toyota has made a large investment in alternative fuel vehicles and it’s likely that they will continue to adapt and make more alternatively fueled vehicles.

Toyota continues to be a reliable option for families and has some sporty options for the driving inclined.

For those looking and hoping for the Toyota Supra to make its long awaited return to this lineup, you’re a year too early. The production Supra is expected to come out later in 2019 with a 2020 model year designation. Just a little bit longer to wait! All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

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Toyota 4Runner

Specifications: $35,855+ - 17-21 mpg - 270 hp

Review: When it comes to the modern SUV/Crossover segment, the 4Runner seems like it comes straight from 25 years ago. It feels like a truck, drives like a truck and looks like an older SUV. The 4Runner is great for people who need to do heavy work, but it really lacks the refinement of other SUVs it competes against. The fuel economy is also pretty bad.

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Toyota 86

Specifications: $27,375+ - 24-32 mpg - 205 hp

Review: The 86 is one of the vehicles rescued from the Scion brand. Once known as the FR-S, the 86 is rear wheel drive and a joy to take through turns. The front seats can accommodate shockingly large people with people 6’8” swearing by the comfort of it. That being said, the rear seats are the opposite, and no human being you like should be forced to sit in them.

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Toyota Avalon

Specifications: $36,420+ - 22-32 mpg - 301 hp

Review: The Toyota Avalon is one of the hidden gems of the luxury vehicle world. It’s quiet, roomy and has a nice look to it. In addition, there’s a hybrid option for the Avalon which has tested around 43 mpg, making it one of the most fuel efficient luxury offerings out there. It may not have the excitement and sport tuning of a BMW, but it oozes comfort.

Toyota C-HR

Specifications: $23,545+ - 27-31 mpg - 144 hp

Review: The C-HR get some high points for modern styling. It’s got the right amount of quirky to turn some eyes. The inside is comfortable with quality materials. However, the C-HR does have downside. While it looks good, the interior lacks a lot of standard features. In fact, many features that are common everywhere like Android Auto aren’t even available as an option. In addition the C-HR lacks power. It’s incredibly slow when accelerating. It does have a lot of safety features however. The C-HR is not for everybody, but it definitely has a market.

Toyota Camry

Specifications: $24,565+ - 29-41 mpg - 301 hp

Review: Considering the fact the Camry just got a remake in 2018, it’s not surprising that it’s not a lot different in 2019. To be fair, the Camry is one of the most popular names in motor vehicles and has been for a long time. Powertrain options range form 203 hp up to 301 hp. In addition, there’s a hybrid option which puts out a really impressive 52 mpg. The Camry offers a lot of car for the price.

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Toyota Corolla

Specifications: $19,520+ - 28-35 mpg - 132 hp

Review: The Corolla continues to be one of the most purchased small cars in the world. The 2019 version is solid, but perhaps not the best Corolla ever released. The pluses include a standard touchscreen system and safety features like lane assist, emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. The downside is the powertrain is weak. The Eco version as well. The Corolla also has the iM option. It’s a hatchback that costs a little bit more, has a bit more power and looks a bit better! Right now, it’s the superior Corolla option.

Toyota Highlander

Specifications: $32,275+ - 21-27 mpg - 295 hp

Review: The Highlander provides another sensible and responsible vehicle in the Toyota lineup. The Highlander does have a hybrid option, however it’s not exactly the most economical fuel consumption option. The hybrid gets similar mileage to the base 185 hp four cylinder engine.

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Toyota Land Cruiser

Specifications: $85,860+ - 13-18 mpg - 381 hp

Review: The Land Cruiser is a legendary vehicle. The off road pedigree of the Land Cruiser is known to anyone who has had to drive in difficult terrain through deserts or jungles. However, the modern Land Cruiser is a different breed. It does still have that pedigree, but it’s fully of convenient comfort and luxury. Eight people fit in easily. The price however is somewhat exorbitant and makes the Land Cruiser a specialty vehicle.

Toyota Mirai

Specifications: $59,285+ - 66 mpg - 151 hp

Review: The future is now for the Toyota Mirai. Conveniently, Mirai does mean future in Japanese. This vehicle is a purely hydrogen driven vehicle and will only be sold in California for now. Purchase of the Mirai also comes with 3 years worth of fuel as well! It’s a beautifully designed car that shows that electric vehicles are only the first step in the environmentally friendly revolution.

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Toyota Prius

Specifications: $24,395+ - 58-53 mpg - 121 hp

Review: The Prius heads into 2019 featuring three different varieties. There’s the Prius, Prius C and the Prius Prime. While the Prius comes in at 134 hp, the C only has 99 and is fairly uninspiring in every way. The Prius Prime offers a plug in hybrid version instead of the traditional Prius hybrid option. The Prime does have a 25 mile electric only range, but it gives a very solid 51 MPGe when it’s using the whole powertrain.

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Toyota RAV4

Specifications: $25,705+ - 23-30 mpg - 176 hp

Review: The RAV4 was one of the first small crossovers and continues to be a strong selling force in the market. The design of the RAV4 is modern and attractive. Touchscreen infotainment is standard, and there are bigger versions available as options. RAV4’s give people the choice between some basica front wheel drive, or the safer, better driving all wheel drive.

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Toyota Sequoia

Specifications: $49,895+ - 13-17 mpg - 381 hp

Review: When fuel economy doesn’t matter, it’s time for the Toyota Sequoia. THe Sequoia continues on with its antiquated look and powertrain. It’s big, it fits a lot of people and it can take a lot of cargo. The Sequoia is certainly an option for people looking at rolling tanks on tires.

Toyota Sienna

Specifications: $31,895+ - 19-27 mpg - 296 hp

Review: The minivan market may have fallen out a bit with the boom of the crossover, but the Sienna is still a great vehicle. Unlike most minivans, the Sienna has optional all wheel drive, allowing for safer driving in bad conditions. The Sienna even features an intercom to speak with the third row passengers. This can be a godsend for parents who need to keep an eye on some unruly children.

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Toyota Tacoma

Specifications: $26,445+ - 20-24 mpg - 278 hp

Review: When it comes to utilitarian aspects, the Tacoma is fantastic. It’s powerful, looks good and it can tow 6800 pounds. There’s also options to make the Tacoma an off road bruiser. The downside to the Tacoma is the interior. Whereas many pickup trucks have turned into luxury liners on wheels, the Tacoma cabin can feel tight and cramped.

Toyota Tundra

Specifications: $32,715+ - 15-19 mpg - 381 hp

Review: The Tundra isn’t messing around. With a choice of V8 engines, anyone can get the power they want from it. Unfortunately, the Tundra needs an update. Every aspect of it is a little bit dated. It lacks a lot of modern tech and the appearance hasn’t changed in quite a while. In addition, it’s absolutely dreadful at the pumps.

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Toyota Yaris

Specifications: $16,555+ - 30-36 mpg - 106 hp

Review: The Yaris is cheap. However, is it cheap enough for what a person gets from it? The response while driving it feels like a person is driving in heavy mittens. On the plus side, The Yaris does come with an infotainment system, which isn’t available in a lot of other vehicles at this price. All of this changes with the Yaris iA/Yaris Sedan. This joint vehicle project with Mazda is brilliant. While the engine is the same, the handling and suspension is completely revamped and exciting. It’s available with a 6 speed manual for driving enthusiasts. A great little car in all aspects.