There’s not a lot of vehicles that have made the transition from being a singular part of a lineup to spawning their own brand. Some brands like Land Rover/Range Rover have in the past, but they also started as only a single vehicle.

The Ram product line started as a single truck. When Dodge created the Ram to compete with the other companies pickup trucks, it grew to have a great cult following. Eventually the Ram became so popular that they chose to completely do away with the Dodge part of things. The Ram line is now Dodge’s exclusive truck and utility vehicle line. It competes with GMC as exclusive providers.

Currently the main product line features a series of increasingly bigger trucks with one supremely impressive supertruck.

Ram 1500 - $27,900+

21 MPG - 7.5/10.0

The Ram 1500 is the workhorse in the Ram product line. Like a lot of the base truck options out there, it’s very customizable. The Ram 1500 comes with various cab sizes including the 4 door crew cab. It has 3 different bed lengths to suit your needs. The RAM 1500 also comes with multiple engines in both gasoline and diesel to give you the power and torque you require. Depending on your engine choice, you can tow up to 10,700 pounds! Inside the Ram 1500 you get a surprisingly smooth ride for a truck.

Ram 2500 - $33,600+

21 MPG - 8.8/10.0

How much torque does a truck really need? The Ram 2500 asks that question and answers with their optional turbo diesel. It puts out an absolutely insane 800 lb-ft of torque when equipped with an automatic transmission. The 2500 also has a great towing capacity. It can haul up to 18,000 pounds. It’s also got a very solid 3160 pound payload capacity. Unlike a lot of trucks, the 2500 lets you equip the interior in both sparse and luxurious. So many trucks these days only come as incredibly luxurious options.

Ram 3500 - $34,700+

21 MPG - 6.1/10.0

How much do you need to two? Is it a ridiculous 31,000 lbs? If so, then the the Ram 3500 may be perfect for you. The 3500 has a lot of different versions. If you go for the Tradesman, then you’re getting a stripped down vehicle intended for work. If you choose to spruce things up with the Longhorn Limited edition, you are getting yourself a ridiculously loaded and equipped vehicle.

Ram Power Wagon - $53,100+

21 MPG - 7.1/10.0

The Ram Power Wagon is a fairly ridiculous truck. One of the appeals of a pickup truck is their surprisingly reasonable price. The Ram Power Wagon tends to come in at the extreme high range of any of its competition. That being said, the Power Wagon is designed for extreme offroading. The 6.4 liter Hemi engine pumps out 410 horsepower. It also comes with a built in winch and diff locks for those troublesome offroad problems.

Ram ProMaster - $31,400+

N/A MPG - 7.0/10.0

The Ram ProMaster is working to help anyone whose business requires carrying a lot of cargo around. It’s not a great vehicle to drive. It can feel uncomfortable as the seat is in a bit of an awkward position. However it has a very load floor and it can also have high or extended roof options. This makes for a huge amount of space for those who need it. The standard engine is a 280 horsepower V6. It’s the better option as the 174 horsepower diesel option is surprisingly expensive for a much weaker engine.

Ram ProMaster City - $24,700+

N/A  MPG - 8.0/10.0

The ProMaster City gives a ton of room for anyone who needs this kind of cargo van. The ProMaster City offers some interesting options. It is a very large cargo area that also offers built in cargo tie-downs. Power comes from a 178 horsepower four-cylinder engine.