Honda is one of the best selling car companies in the entire world. They know what they are doing and they build great cars. Going through their entire lineup, it’s difficult to find a vehicle that people are going to come to regret owning.

Honda of course also owns Acura, so the Honda badge itself doesn’t feature a lot of the expensive luxury cars. What the Honda badge does often feature is exciting cars that are willing to experiment with technology. Combined with their high selling models, Honda continues to drive a lot of the automotive industry.

The current honda product line is probably one of the best they have ever put out there and features some magnificent vehicles.

Honda Accord - $23,300+

34 MPG - 8.9/10.0

The Accord has been shuttling families to soccer practice and school for decades. Since it’s introduction the Accord is one of the best selling vehicles in the world. The modern Accords lives up to the rest. Like a lot of famous cars, the Accord comes in a lot of different versions. Both sedan and coupe are on offer and hybrid variants are also available. Engine options range from 189 horsepower to a 275 horsepower V6 that gives a regular Accord plenty of pep.

Honda Civic/Civic Si - $19,600+

39 MPG - 8.9/10.0

In reality, there’s three versions of the Civic at this point. We’ll get to the Type R next. The Civic comes with a base 154 horsepower, but ramps up to 205 horsepower if you choose the Si. There’s really not that many things to say about the Civic anymore. It’s a vehicle that is so refined that it’s basically perfected the economy car bracket.

Honda Civic Type R- $34,800+

28 MPG - 9.9/10.0

There wasn’t a lot to say about Honda Civics until they brought the Type R to the United States. It’s a glorious vehicle. The current Type R makes the Subaru WRX look like a K car. The styling is aggressive and exciting. The engine is a 306 horsepower turbocharge four cylinder that absolutely screams. The Type R manages 0-60mpg in only 4.9 seconds. Just a thrilling car to drive.

Honda CR-V - $25,000+

33 MPG - 9.8/10.0

The Honda CR-V is what all small sport utility and crossover vehicles should aspire to. The level of fit and finish on the vehicle is something unexpected and fantastic for something of this relatively modest price. The CR-V has 184 and 190 horsepower variants. This may seem like a small differential, but the 190 horsepower engine is a 1.5 liter turbocharged inline four cylinder. It gives fantastic fuel economy for that much power.

Honda Clarity - $59,370+

69 MPG - 6.8/10.0

The Honda Clarity is Honda’s best future vehicle. Yes it comes with all the technology you would want, but it’s really all about the propulsion options with this car. The Clarity comes as a plug in hybrid option as the main model, but also has a 100% electric version. The most exciting version is the fuel cell version. Fuel cell technology is hot on the heels of electric cars and could once again revolutionize how we power our vehicles. Currently it’s only going to be available in California, but we shall see how it evolves!

Honda Fit - $17,100+

38 MPG - 9.9/10.0

The Honda Fit is a surprisingly well equipped vehicle for a car of that miniscule size. It puts out enough power in the 130 horsepower four cylinder engine to let it zip around. The Fit features a lot of potential safety features that usually only come on much more expensive vehicles. The Fit is also surprisingly comfortable for large adults. People over 6’4” can actually fit comfortably. That’s rare in any car!

Honda HR-V $20,400+

32 MPG - 6.1/10.0

The Honda HR-V has taken the place that the CR-V used to hold in the company sport utility market. As the CR-V got more expensive and bigger, Honda needed a car to takes its place. The HR-V is a bit weak. It only has 141 horsepower. The weak engine combined with a fairly rough continuously variable transmission means that the HR-V is mighty slow.

Honda Pilot - $31,700+

27 MPG - 6.0/10.0

The Pilot is a good looking full size sport utility vehicle. It has a V6 putting out 280 horsepower which is enough to get you where you need to go. In fact it manages to put out a very respectable 6.2 second 0-60mph time. The pilot features three rows of seating so that everyone in the family can come along!

Honda Odyssey - $31,000+

28 MPG - 9.8/10.0

There’s far fewer minivans out there on the market today than there used to be. Those that remain however tend to be really great vehicles. The Odyssey is no different! A 280 horsepower V6 gives it some solid pep. If you’re looking for some extra comfort and luxury, the Odyssey features a lot of potential options. Also how many vehicles out there have the option of an onboard vacuum cleaner?

Honda Ridgeline - $30,400+

25 MPG - 8.5/10.0

It takes some hutzpah to go after the North American truck market. Honda manages to compete with the great Detroit trucks and in some ways it manages to surpass them. The interior is incredible. It’s roomy and luxurious. It’s full of incredible technology. The downside is that it’s not as powerful as most of the Detroit ones.