Dodge has been the fun brand for Chrysler for a while. Dodge vehicles have gone against the grain when it comes to fuel economy and engine size.

As engines get smaller and more efficient, Dodge has just made bigger V6s and bigger V8s.

Of special interest is Dodge’s SRT and Hellcat divisions. Dodge seems to be interested in just seeing how much horsepower they can cram into a single vehicle. The SRT Hellcat versions in particular put out more horsepower than most modern sports or super cars.

Dodge styling cues can be both retro and modern. Their traditional cross grille instantly identifies vehicles as a Dodge. The current product line features muscle cars and crossovers with a long running minivan that just won’t quit!

Challenger/SRT/SRT Hellcat/SRT Demon - $34,100+ to $86,090+

22-27 MPG - 9.1/10.0

The Challenger is one of the craziest vehicles that has been produced in America for a long time. The standard Challenger comes with a V6 and Hemi V8 option. These engines provide 305 and 375 horsepower. That’s pretty good. But things just keep getting better. The Scat Pack option for the standard Challenger lets you enjoy an upgrade to 486 horsepower! Okay that’s a lot of a power. But then comes the Challenger SRT, SRT Hellcat and the SRT Demon. The SRT has the 486 horsepower upgrade. The Hellcat instead uses a supercharged V8 that puts out an absolutely jaw dropping 707 horsepower. Finally the SRT Demon puts out 840 horsepower! It’s absolutely incredible how many power the Challengers can put out.

Dodge Charger/SRT/SRT Hellcat - $29,100+  to $52,300+

22-31 MPG - 7.5/10.0

While the Challenger maintains the muscle car identity of two doors, the Charger manages to take all the things that make a muscle car, but put it into a four door sport sedan. While the base Charger comes with a 292 horsepower V6, there are of course stronger Hemi options that deliver 370 and 485 horsepower. The SRT and SRT Hellcat take things another step longer again. The SRT Hellcat in particular is also sitting there with 707 horsepower that’s also available in the Challenger Hellcat.

Dodge Dart - $18,100+

35 MPG - 3.6/10.0

The Dart is a pretty good looking small car. However that’s sort of where the best parts of the Dart end. The 160 horsepower engine feels like it’s less and the interior is plain and can feel cheap at times. While there are a lot of options to improve the vehicle, that ruins the economical aspect of the car.

Dodge Durango/SRT- $31,100+ ot $64,100+

25 MPG - 8.5/10.0

Like a lot of Dodge vehicles, the Durango has a lot of power under the hood. For a mid size crossover, it can tow a lot of weight and also can fit a third row of seats in there for large families. Boasting a 293 horsepower V6 or a 360 horsepower V8 Hemi, the Durango will power the family around. If you are looking for a sport sport utility vehicle, then the Dodge Durango SRT is there as well. Boasting the 475 horsepower engine from the SRT versions of the Dodge muscle cars, the Durango can become its own muscle crossover.

Dodge Viper - $90,400+

21 MPG - 7.5/10.0

The Viper was one of the cars that showed off that Chrysler corporation was not just a boring company that churned out crummy economy cars. The Viper has maintained its snakelike look and boasts one of the last V10s available in an American car. This monster puts out 645 horsepower. While it’s not as refined as European sports cars, there’s something beautifully American about the Viper and the 3.4 seconds 0-60mph time it boasts.

Dodge Journey - $22,300+

24 MPG - 4.5/10.0

As a vehicle, the Dodge Journey oozes practicality. The designers certainly had practicality and family in mind. The interior  is comfortable and the features are utilitarian, but respectable. Power comes from either a 173 or 283 horsepower option. The Journey has plenty of room inside. 5 fit comfortably, and 7 can fit as long as they aren't all large adults. The only downside to the Journey is the lack of enjoyment when you are driving. It can feel leaden. The design from the exterior isn't anything to write home about either. 

Dodge Grand Caravan - $27,900+

25 MPG - 6.5/10.0

The Grand Caravan is the minican that started the minivan craze. The current model can’t compete when it comes to its cousin the Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica offers a lot more luxury and comfort. The Grand Caravan remains a utilitarian and excellent family hauler.