If there’s one automobile brand that cares about old school power, it’s Dodge. While not every vehicle has a version that throws fuel efficiency to the wind, most of them do.

These great vehicles don’t turn well. They aren’t practical. But throw caution to the wind and boy are they fun!

Dodge in 2019 has kept their lineup fairly slim. It features a mix of callback cars to their heyday in the 70s and vehicles that have proven popular since then. Unfortunately if you’re looking to read up on a new Viper, you’re still a couple of years away. The new Viper is slated to hit stores in 2020 for the 2021 model year. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

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Dodge Challenger

Specifications: $28,690+ - 14-23 mpg - 485 hp

Review: Let’s immediately mention that the Challenger comes in SRT, SRT Hellcat and the SRT Demon version. This takes costs from around $30,00 to a starting price of $85,000 for the Demon. However, horsepower rises from 305 to 485, 707, 808 respectively for those models. The challenger is big and has a proper muscle car feel while actually driving. While fuel economy is bad, it becomes atrocious for the special versions.

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Dodge Charger

Specifications: $30,390+ - 19-30 mpg - 485 hp

Review: Right there with the 2 door Challenger is the four door Dodge Charger. It has more than enough room for a small family, but flashes the kind of power that is typically seen in muscle cars. The most common engine is the Hemi V8 with 485 horsepower, though the base model can be had with 292. The Charger also has the SRT and SRT Hellcat option which can get up to 707 horsepower. This actually makes the Dodge Charger the most powerful sedan commonly in production on all of planet Earth! Dodge strikes again!

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Dodge Durango

Specifications: $31,390+ - 19-26 mpg - 360 hp

Review: The Durango is actually one of the best vehicles that Dodge produces. Most people forget about this SUV compared to some of the competition. While it’s big and powerful, it does have a certain sense of refinement and comfort. It doesn’t feel quite like a race car, but it certainly doesn’t feel like driving a truck. The Durango also quite fittingly has an SRT version. Because why not put in a 485 horsepower Hemi in instead!

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Dodge Grand Caravan

Specifications: $27,645+ - 17-25 mpg - 283 hp

Review: The Dodge Grand Caravan has been a feature (and often the leader) of the minivan market for a few decades now. The latest version however is outshined by its cousin the Chrysler Pacifica. That being said, it offers a solid lower price minivan. The Grand Caravan eschews a lot of luxury for responsibility. The seats are customizable and foldable to ensure that any family fits in.

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Dodge Journey

Specifications: $24,390+ - 19-25 mpg - 283 hp

Review: The Journey remains relatively unchanged since its introduction, and sales continue to be solid. This midsize crossover comes in at an excellent price point and the option V6 gives it plenty of power. The base four cylinder puts out 173 horsepower with only a four speed transmission. The option is definitely worth it.

New vs. Used

Used Dodge vehicles often get mixed reviews. While many people love the cars when new, there’s often some concerns about the fit and finish for many Dodges as they age. Many people looking at used vehicles are also looking for fuel efficiency. This is an area where Dodge certainly lacks behind other brands. That’s certainly on purpose, but it does affect the used car market.