The name Cadillac inspires a certain power when uttered. To be a Cadillac is to be the pinnacle of your field. Cadillac may have strayed from that for a little while during the near collapse of the American auto industry.

But Cadillac is back and producing some incredible vehicles.

The Cadillac resurgence occurred when they got away from their original styling plan. Bigger was no longer necessarily better. Additionally, the average age of Cadillac buyers was becoming far too high. It’s far more useful to have repeat buyers who are definitely going to be around to buy  more cars!

To become younger and more exciting, Cadillac went to an edgy style. Their vehicles went from rounded lumbering barges to characteristically sleek and sharp vehicles. The reaction has been great and Cadillac is back on top!

Cadillac CTS - $47,000+

24.0 mpg - 9.4/10.0

The Cadillac CTS is Cadillac’s acceptance that not every car they make has to follow the American ethos of luxury cars. The CTS is very european. It’s tuned for handling and has a wide variety of powerful engine options to suit any buyer. The CTS truly is the car making Cadillac great again.

Cadillac CTS-V - $87,000+

20.0 mpg - 10.0/10.0

The Cadillac CTS-V is one of the greatest sports cars that has ever been produced. What’s crazy is that it’s not a traditional two door sports car. Taking the incredible vehicle that is the CTS and adding a 640 horsepower V8 is almost sickening. One of the best cars ever produced in North America.

Cadillac ATS - $35,600

30.0 mpg - 8.0/10.0

Cadillac has put out a very good entry level luxury car. The ATS has taken a lot of the styling cues as well as the performance cues from the CTS. The ATS is available in both sedan and coupe depending on your preference.

Cadillac ATS-V - $61,700

23.0 mpg - 8.9/10.0

Just as the CTS-V adds hundreds of horsepower, the ATS-V adds a big engine to an otherwise solid vehicle. The price for the ATS-V is a touch high, but can compare with the BMW M3 fairly reasonably. The ATS-V is one of the last luxury cars that could choose all wheel drive, but is instead purely rear wheel drive.

Cadillac CT6 - $54,800

27.0 mpg - 7.9/10.0

The CT6 gives Cadillac a luxury car that can compete in almost any category. The CT6 specializes in giving tech geeks all the toys that they want. The CT6 has onboard Wi-Fi as well as many other toys. There’s also an optional 34 speaker stereo for those who are musically inclined. For those who want pure driving, you’re looking at a 404 horsepower twin turbo V6.

Cadillac Escalade - $74,600

21.0 mpg - 7.1/10.0

The Escalade is a part of our societies pop culture at this point. The Escalade became a status symbol for athletes and musicians who craved the status that owning one allowed. The Escalade is an immense vehicle. It fits 7, but often feels like it could fit 10. The Escalade is a bit wallowing at this point, but it does provide a huge amount of luxury.

Cadillac XT5 - $40,400

33.0 mpg - 6.5/10.0

Cadillac needed a very solid sport utility to get into the market that continues to grow. The XT5 offers a 310 horsepower V-6. It’s a little bit weak compared to other vehicles in the same bracket, but it does come with an eight speed automatic transmission that works to bring the most out of the engine. It’s a smaller and more convenient vehicle than the Escalade.

Cadillac XTS - $46,600

24.0 mpg - 8.9/10.0

While Cadillac has mostly modernized their product line, there’s something to be said for the classics. The XTS is a big car. Like a really big car! The XTS provides the size that classic Cadillacs have, and drops a large chunk of comfort and luxury into the picture as well!