Buick was a company that had a reputation. Buick was big back in the 60’s and 70’s and built their reputation and customer base there. However as their customers aged, they didn’t build up a new customer base.

They tailored their vehicles for their more elderly customers and it seemed like a bit of a repetitive spiral.

Buick went and fixed that however. Buick has chosen to instead try to create more exciting vehicles instead of floating barges. Their brand has been reborn and has been doing a solid job of attracting new and young customers that will become loyal to the Buick brand as long as they deliver to them good cars.

The current Buick product line reflects that belief. The cars show more fun and style than any product line ever has before.

Buick Cascada - $34,000+

27 MPG - 6.2/10.0

Buick has done their best to shed the label of being boring cars for the elderly. The Cascada is one of their best examples. It is a slow and heavy car. However, the Cascada is not about performance, it’s about style. The convertible top is actually technologically advanced. It can be lowered at up to 31 miles per hour, which is well beyond many vehicles. It also only takes 17 seconds to drop!

Buick Enclave - $41,000+

22 MPG - 6.0/10.0

The Buick Enclave is a big vehicle that makes a lot of crossovers look bad. The 288 horsepower engine seems like it should provide enough power, but it’s not that great. The Enclave is in an odd place in the market. It’s bigger and more expensive than a mid size SUV, but smaller than a full size SUV. However, it’s very well equipped inside. While not a joy to drive, it’s certainly a joy to sit in.

Buick Encore - $24,000+

31 MPG - 7.1410.0

The Buick Encore is a bit of a blast. Small crossovers are very popular right now with people who would otherwise usually buy a compact car. The Buick Encore is sluggish when you’re loading it up with heavy cargo. But if things are light, then it’s got some frisky handling and the ride is comfortable but responsive.

Buick Envision - $35,000+

26 MPG - 6.0/10.0

The Envision does the things that Buick are famous for doing. If you’re driving it, you’re going to feel comfortable and relaxed in a nice quiet cabin. Space is ample for both the front and backseat. If you need more than that, you’re going to likely want a different vehicle. However the Envision is a perfectly serviceable family hauler.

Buick LaCrosse - $33,000+

29 MPG - 7.4/10.0

The LaCrosse is a very interesting full size sport sedan. The Sedan itself features a 310 horsepower V6 that manages to push it from 0-60 mph in only 5.8 seconds. In addition to the sporty tuning, the LaCrosse features a plush Buick interior with lots of standard technological bonuses.

Buick Regal - $20,900+

27 MPG - 5.3/10.0

The Buick Regal has been a Buick model for a long time. The regal is best when compared to other entry level luxury cars. In an attempt to compete with vehicles from Germany and Italy, the Regal was engineered in Europe as well. While it does provide you with 259 horsepower and a 6.2 second 0-60 mph time, it’s not quite as competitive with the established German juggernauts as it could be.

Buick Verano - $22,000+

31 MPG - 4.0/10.0

The Verano is a smooth good looking subcompact. It’s significantly cheaper than its competition which gives it a pretty big advantage in that regard. The Verano offers up a 180 horsepower inline four cylinder. The Verano isn’t exactly spectacular other than the price. It’s reasonably comfortable. It’s a bit smaller than would be expected from a Buick.