Bavarian Motor Works enters 2019 with a huge line of vehicles intended to match everyone who might have the slightest need for a luxury vehicle. Ranging from their entry level line to their flagship behemoths, BMW continues to evolve to suit the needs of their customers.

This evolution is best seen in their huge collection of crossover and sport utility vehicles. For a company that’s known for sporty performance and sport handling, BMW has more vehicles that now focus on luxury first and performance second. BMW is dealing with intense competition, as everyone seems to be creating vehicles to go out and beat the Bavarians. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

BMW 2-Series

$35,945+ - 24-35 mpg - 335 hp

The 2-Series has turned out to be one of BMW’s best vehicles. Drivers can choose between the coupe and the incredibly fun convertible option. The base engine is a simple 248 hp 4 cylinder engine, while the 335 hp turbo six cylinder is a pretty common option. The 2-Series has a lot of great performance options like the “Track Handling” package, which upgrades your suspension, brakes and steering to make it feel like a track day car.

BMW 3-Series

$35,895+ - 21-31 mpg - 320 hp

The 3-Series has traditionally been one of the best sports sedans in the world. Designed for pure performance, the most recent models have calmed down a little bit and ensure they instead have the luxury features many people prefer. With 5 different engine options, there’s a 3-series for everyone. The 3-Series also offers a wagon, unlike most of the other versions of BMW vehicles at the moment. It’s more expensive than the base 3-Series and starts around $45,500.

BMW 4-Series

$44,495+ - 21-31 mpg - 320 hp

The 4-Series is a versatile BMW offering. Most commonly seen as a coupe, it also comes in a beautiful convertible. In addition, the 4 series is very customizable with both rear and all wheel drive available. In addition to the standard 4-Series comes the Gran Coupe. This version has four doors with a folding rear seat. The four door sloping coupe style is becoming more popular and this is designed to match.

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BMW 5-Series

$53,645+ - 26-36 mpg - 456 hp

The 5-Series is one of the most celebrated vehicles of all time. The 2019 version may not quite live up to the standards set by the past, but is still excellent. The engine offerings are fantastic and also have hybrid and diesel offerings in addition to the traditional engine styles.

BMW 6-Series

$87,695+ - 19-28 mpg - 445 hp

BMW believes that the luxury convertible is alive and well in the 6-Series. There’s also a coupe offering, but the convertible seems to be the most popular option. Regardless of the choice, an eight speed automatic transmission flawlessly transfer the power to the ground.

BMW 7-Series

$84,095+ - 13-20 mpg - 601 hp

When the cost of gasoline doesn’t affect a person’s budget, the 7-Series is a great vehicle. It’s an immense and plush luxury roller. The back seats are able to recline and feature a massager within them. It’s arguably better to be a passenger than a driver in the 7-Series, though the 600 horsepower engine may disagree. The handling isn’t like it used to be, but it does have the power for the straights.

BMW 8-Series

$112,895+ - TBD mpg - 523 hp

After plenty of time away, the BMW has decided to return the 8-Series to the 2019 lineup. If features some gorgeous styling and is going to be a dream to drive. A twin-turbo V8 is going to pour out the power and it’s been designed with all of the BMW driving tradition into the suspension. The 8-Series is going to be an expensive marvel.

BMW i3

$45,445+ - 79-111 MPGe - 184 hp

BMW has entered into the electric car market with their i3. What’s interesting about the i3 is that in addition to the pure electric option, there’s also the ability to include a gas engine to extend the range of the electric motor. This extends the range to a solid 180 or so miles.

BMW i8

$148,495+ - 27-38 mpg - 369 hp

BMW wanted to show that you can make a supercar that’s a hybrid or an electric vehicle. They did it with the i8. What started as a concept car, quickly turned into a statement. The i8 is one of the best looking sports cars in the world, but it is somewhat lacking in power in comparison to some of its rivals. The i8 also features a very small driving area. Tall drivers need to look elsewhere!

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$55,495+ - 18-26 mpg - 365 hp

The M line of vehicles at BMW take every ounce of performance they can manage and cram it into their wonderful vehicles. One of the hallmarks of the M series of vehicles was the ability to turn a smaller cheaper vehicle into something from a driver’s dream. The M2 turns in a 0-60 time of only 4.0 seconds and comes in at a reasonable (sort of) price!


$67,495+ - 17-25 mpg - 453 hp

There’s no name that makes drivers more excited than “M3”. The M3 is available in both coupe and sedan form so that it works for anyone. Performance comes from either a 6 speed manual or a sport tuned seven speed automatic. The M3 can’t really be described, it just need to be driven to be understood.


$35,945+ - 17/25 mpg - 425 hp

The M4 brings a convertible option to the M series of vehicles. Featuring the same three engine options as the M3, it’s not surprising that it performs just as well. The M4 CS version only comes in coupe and is specifically track tuned to turn in the perfect lap times.


$103,595+ - 15-21 mpg - 600 hp

Anytime a company puts a 600 horsepower engine in a car, it’s meant to fly. The BMW M5 doesn’t disappoint in that regard at all. The M5 has continued to evolve and no longer features the manual transmission that was featured in all of the classic versions. Instead it uses technology to pull the best out of the car.


$123,295+ - 14-20 mpg - 560 hp

The M series takes extreme performance and puts it in convertible and coupe form. Similar to the M5, the M6 really keeps an eye on the beautiful styling in addition to the immense power under the hood. It’s not tuned to be a sports car, but it’s an aggressive tourer.


$35,895+ - 23-32 mpg - 228 hp

The X1 was a revelation upon its introduction. One of the best compact luxury crossovers around, the X1 manages to make driving a crossover exciting and fun. It’s responsible and features a turbocharged 228 hp 4 cylinder engine. It also features all of the frills that are needed.


$37,395+ - 21-31 mpg - 228 hp

The X2 takes all of the excellence of the X1 and it manages to add just a little bit more size for people. The X2 features hotspot Wi-Fi connectivity and also Apple CarPlay for Apple music fans. While not all safety features are standard, they are abundant and include lane-departure warnings, collision warning, automated braking for emergencies.

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$43,645+ - 22-29 mpg - 355 hp

The X3 is a crossover based off of the 3-Series. It manages to take everything that makes the 3-Series great and make it a little bit higher off the ground. Despite the ride height, the X3 still corners well and never feels out of control. The optional adaptive suspension makes every surface comfortable.


$51,445+ - 22-29 mpg - 355 hp

The X4 is all about style. Taking everything that’s good about the X3, the X4 instead offers up the 4 door coupe style that is becoming so popular. The fastback and low roof does lower the cargo room, but it’s just so pretty!

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$58,195+ - 18-24 mpg - 445 hp

The X5 shows that BMW can make a normal sized SUv as well, rather than relying on smaller crossovers. The X5 features a variety of powertrains as well. The 445 hp turbo V8 is the most powerful, but there’s a 255 hp turbo diesel as well. There’s even a plug in hybrid option, but the electric only range on it is a dreadful 13 miles.


$35,945+ - 24-35 mpg - 335 hp

The X6 once again brings fastback design styling to a BMW sport utility. The X6 features most of the same engine options as the X5 and stands out when it has all wheel drive with the turbo V8. Customized computer control means that the X6 has 5 driving modes, each allowing for fine turning and the perfect ride for every situation.


$50,695+ - TBD mpg - TBD hp

After several years away, it’s time for the Z4 to return for 2019. A 2 seat soft top convertible, the Z4 is going to feature only an 8 speed automatic transmission. There will be multiple turbocharged engine options and BMW is promising a sportier car than the Z4 of the past. Can BMW live up to their promises? We will find out in 2019.