Audi continues to eat away at the dominance of BMW and Mercedes Benz in the German luxury car fields. Their innovative style and strong breed of luxury has made Audi a true force to be reckoned with.

Audi has shown one of the best growth curves of recent times and a quick look at the Audi product line quickly shows why. Their lineup is filled with cars that excite and provide the comfort luxury car owners can hope for.

Audi used to be known for making luxury vehicles with their glorious four wheel drive quattro system. While that set them apart in the past, most luxury vehicles can now be equipped with an all wheel drive system that’s run by hyper intelligent computers. Thankfully Audi picked up their game in every other way.

Audi A3 - $32,200+

33.0 mpg - 8.2/10.0

Every luxury car company needs a good entry level car. The A3 provides exactly that for the Audi lineup. Entry level cars need to provide some sporty fun as well as a solid dose of comfort. The A3 delivers in spades. The only downside is the styling may be a little bit dull for some people.

Audi A4 - $35,900+

34.0 mpg - 9.2/10.0

Some cars are boring to drive. The Audi A4 is definitely not one of them. It’s nicely styled and once you get behind the wheel, a thrill of excitement goes through your chest. While the A4 is only slightly more expensive than the A3 to start, it provides far more enjoyment and should be on any car drivers list to check out.

Audi A5- $43,800+

34.0 mpg - 9.6/10.0

The Audi A5 makes safety its primary mission. The A5 comes with automatic braking as well as a host of other safety features. It doesn’t hurt that in addition to being very safe, it’s also a gorgeous vehicle that you will find yourself staring at when you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing.

Audi A6 - $48,550+

29.0 mpg - 9.1/10.0

Some luxury cars like to put a big engine in, but then they lose all refinement. The Audi A6 has 333 horsepower coming from a V-6. However it’s not just an engine. It glides in a way that very few cars can, and almost none in the same price range can.

Audi A7 - $69.750+

30.0 mpg - 9.1/10.0

The Audi A7 takes luxury and gives it a sleek and stylish look. Instead of the traditional rear end that most luxury cars receive, the A7 instead features a fastback hatch. This gives the car a sleek and stylish look instead of the normal upright look of most luxury cars.

Audi A8 - $83,450+

29.0 mpg - 8.8/10.0

The A8 is Audi’s flagship luxury sedan and should be worrying the other German carmakers. The Audi A8 features an absolutely brilliant all wheel drive system (as would be expected from Audi) and pampers anyone who drives it.

Audi R8 - $164,000+

22.0 mpg - 9.7/10.0

Audi’s entry into supercars is the Audi R8. Featured in Iron Man, the R8 is a part of pop culture as well as a part of Audi’s product line. Unlike a lot of other supercars, the R8 actually manages to function as a car in a day to day manner and has fuel economy that doesn’t make you sad to look at.

Audi Q3 - $33,900+

28.0 mpg - 7.3/10.0

The Q3 is Audi’s smallest crossover/SUV but don’t let that fool you. Despite the smallish package it is certainly feature full. The downside is the Q3 lacks a bit of punch and can be a bit sluggish compared to the competition.

Audi Q5 - $42,500+

24.0 mpg - 8.3/10.0

Stepping up from the Q3 to the Q5 results in a huge upgrade. The 350+ horsepower that comes from the V6 turbo is enough to turn this SUV into a great drive. In addition it still provides all the luxury and comfort you want in an SUV at a great price point.

Audi Q7 - $50,000+

25.0 mpg - 9.7/10.0

The Q7 is Audi’s full size SUV. Yes, it provides the full size comfort of a huge sport utility, but it also gives you far more enjoyment. The Q7 corners like it’s a sports sedan and gives you the performance feel of the same.

Audi TT/TTS - $44,500+

27.0 mpg - 9.1/10.0

The TT was introduced to give Audi a fun two door coupe and convertible. When it first came out, it performed those duties admirably. These days, they are asked to do the exact same things and they still manage to exceed expectations!

Audi S3 - $43,900+

28.0 mpg - 8.4/10.0

The M series vehicles set the pace when it comes to performance luxury. Or does it? The S3 fputs down a 0-60 time of only 4.6 seconds. For an entry level sports luxury car, that’s a fantastic time. The S3 still provides all the great features of the A3 in addition to that performance.

Audi S4 - $52,400+

30.0 mpg - 7.5/10.0

The S4 has a turbocharged V6 that’s just asking to be pushed to the limit. The S4 combines a sleek design with the power which makes for a great combination. The S4 doesn’t give up on the sophistication of the A4, but adds that extra power that people crave.

Audi S5 - $55,600+

30.0 mpg - 8.9/10.0

The S5 is another in the line of great Audi sport vehicles. It’s available in both the luxury coupe and a convertible option. The S5 is also great thanks to the price it comes in. The quality of this car is available in cars closer to $100,000 rather than the sticker price of the S5.

Audi S6- $71,900+

27.0 mpg - 8.6/10.0

The Audi S6 takes the luxury of the A6 and adds a wonderful sporty element to it. The S6 uses an incredible adaptive air suspension system. This system means that the car can put all of that power onto the ground when it needs to. However when it’s not needed, it keeps everything smooth and relaxing.

Audi S7- $80,900+

28.0 mpg - 8.5/10.0

The Audi S7 provides all the excitement you could ever want in a luxury sports car. It has a fantastic twin turbo V8 that is pumping out 450 horsepower. That kind of power would normally mean terrible fuel economy, but the S7 is very reasonable.

Audi S8 - $116,900+

25.0 mpg - 10.0/10.0

If you’re looking for an extreme car with a severely ridiculous engine, then look no further than the S8. The S8 is deceptive when you look at it. It looks grown up and respectable. But then you turn the ignition. As the 605 horsepower roars to life, it’s inevitable that a smile will slowly grow upon your lips.